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Preserving Productivity

Avoid downtime and react quickly to network irregularities.

Anticipate needs

You keep an eye on the development and potential overload of your infrastructure and thus get important information for planning upgrades.

Save time

With the monitoring of your devices and processes, IT management requires very little time: your employees quickly find relevant information.

Server memory area overloaded, untreated data on equipment, inaccessible online store, etc. The network monitoring tool allows you to record all events. Our solution collects data using probes and

how it works

A predictive dialer is a special mode for call centers. It eliminates wait times between calls.

Details of features:

  • Automatic rhythm setting
  • Possible manual settings
  • Switchable mode (set to OFF)
  • multiplies productivity

Your Abroad IP adress

Our VPN allows you to hide your IP address and your location. Locate yourself in the United States, UK, Australia or on the network location of your choice among our 94 countries.

Encrypted communications

Our VPN uses a high level of encryption with a 256 bit key, to protect your data from prying eyes. Log freely from any wi-fi access point without being traceable.

Control the cost of an international presence

You benefit from an offer without obligation and without surprise, you choose the duration of your subscription.

You do not need any specific equipment and you do not pay for incoming calls.

By choosing our offer, the routing of calls to your telephone line is free of charge. For your customers you transform the price of an international call into local calling.


The world at your door

Get one or more phone numbers from a list of more than 50 countries. Our geographic numbers solution is available whatever your country of residence. Thanks to our interconnections with the world’s largest operators, we provide a direct network all over the world.

Unique number

unique number, unique voicemail

Professional Welcome

Customizable On Hold music, greeting message

Call Transfer

Transfer, call forwarding, cascade calls

Vocal Interactive Server

Call Routing, Statistics


Unique voicemail to receive your voicemails by mail

Mobile Application

Pilot your standard from your mobile

Cloud Desktop Infrastructure

Enjoy a workstation available at any time. Find your environment the same with your data and applications no matter where you are.

Data Platforms

Logs Data Platforms offers you a log management platform. Monitor and analyze the behavior of your servers or applications and be alerted when there is a problem.

Plesk as a Service

Directly deploy your sites in Plesk without having to administer a web server. Do not waste time and concentrate on your work.

Manage your calls efficiently

Manage your calls quickly and efficiently with Levitel Pro. Improve your customer service, ensuring that all your calls are logged in and that your call center agents know exactly who is calling at any time.

  • Click to Call – Make calls from your CRM software.
  • Call Pop-ups – The customer’s profile is automatically displayed
  • Call log – All calls are logged in the CRM

Side View

Unified communications with the The Levitel’s IPBX

Our Solution offers Unified Communications functionalities ready for use.

3CX Easy to manage
3CX Improve Customer Service: Click2Call and CRM Integration
3CX Install on premise: Virtualise on a server or a cheap mini PC
3CX Deploy in the Levitel’s cloud and stay in control
3CX Reduce your bills due to SIP trunks / VoIP providers
3CX Improve Productivity with Unified Communications: Presence, Chat
3CX Mobility: Work from anywhere with web clients
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